What are the merits of becoming a Fashion Designer

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The fashion industry is one of the most profitable fields to work in. It is creative, dynamic, glamorous, and rewarding simultaneously. Frankly, who wouldn’t want to see their designed clothing on people? For centuries, Fashion & Designing industry has been the preferred choice for creative individuals. Artists and designers love to express themselves and reach out to the public without speaking, and yet make a big statement.

To be honest, not just the fashion industry, but all industries have some brilliant sunny days and rainy gloomy days. Therefore, It’s best to know what this sector offers before joining, as it helps one to judge if they are the proper match for the business and whether they will like the journey or not.

So, let’s briefly go through the benefits of the Fashion Industry business. Compiling this list would not have been possible without the assistance of the Faculty of Fashion & Design, SGT University, students, so a huge thank you to them as well.

Working from any place – Being a part of the fashion business allows one the freedom to select where they want to work; before the COVID-19, individuals in this profession would work from their homes or workplaces; it is always up to the individual to locate their area, where they can concentrate and create.

Creativity – It is a field for creative individuals, and one may perform their job in any way they like; there are no constraints or boundaries, which makes it ideal for a creative person.

Networking – In the industry, one gets hands-on experience with several people from the industry, and the best in the business get to be a part of teams that others cannot. So if you’re good enough, you’ll get to work with people from all over the world, and you might even make meaningful connections and collaborate with them in the future. Not to mention that these relationships may lead you somewhere you never dreamed.

Self-Employment — In the fashion business, when one has hands-on knowledge of how things are done and how they operate, the most profitable choice available is to work for oneself. After all, being independent is what everyone desires, right? So, take things into your hands and construct a portfolio that will attract customers, and then you’ll be ready to start your own business. Don’t be alarmed by the prospect of having to accomplish everything on your own.

Influence – If a person can perform at the highest level of their skill sets, they are greatly rewarded. If the artwork is successful, it may end up affecting a segment of the population or even further, it may end up being an art form that influences a whole culture. The artist will be engraved in the memories of people for not just a few days or months, but for years to come, and their legacy will always be remembered. People like M.F. Hussain and Pablo Picasso started as very ordinary artists and rose to fame after their deaths. Their rich legacies continue to inspire generations of artists.

So, as one can see there are several benefits of becoming a Fashion Designer. If you are interested in having a career as Fashion Designer, we suggest you join a course in fashion and design.

Faculty of Fashion & Design, SGT University – Top college in Delhi NCR for Fashion & Designing

The Faculty of Fashion & Design, SGT University, Gurugram is one of the best colleges for fashion and designing in Delhi NCR. The faculty offers Bachelor of Design, Master of Design and MBA in Fashion Management courses. The courses are designed in consultation with industry partners and focus on hands-on practical exposure.

The Faculty of Fashion & Design also has an in-house fashion brand – #Designforlife, where students can create and showcase their clothing and lifestyle products. State-of-the-art, in-house laboratories like Computer-Aided Lab, Illustration Lab, Fashion Photography Lab, etc., provides unmatched exposure and training for the students.