Ways to Improve your Fashion Knowledge and Skills for Free

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Many individuals want to be fashion designers but have little knowledge of fashion design as a discipline. Being a fashionista does not automatically qualify you for this course; it is just one aspect.

This is what we teach our students in the first lecture at the Faculty of Fashion & Design, SGT University, so that they understand what it takes to be a fashion designer. We have a variety of fashion design courses available to you once you finish high school, including a four-year college programme. Students in this course learn about the technical aspects of design and are encouraged to think beyond the box.

In fact, we are well-known for providing our students with worldwide exposure. Students get the opportunity to learn from the finest in the field. We host our own fashion shows where students may show off their creations to prepare them for the fashion business.

We also offer a two-year Master’s degree programme in Fashion Design and Fashion Management, where students get material knowledge despite the course’s condensed form. We primarily concentrate on industry-based training in this course, and it’s all very carefully placed in our curriculum without overloading the students.

We educate students about fabric analysis, which we believe is crucial to the function of a fashion designer. Because having a specialisation brings them closer to their next major step, haute couture; the students get to build their distinct style.

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They may hone their artistic talents while learning about diverse cultures and preferences. Because of the potential for celebrity, fashion is a highly sought-after career. To get admitted to a fashion designing course, you must have a grade point average of at least 50% in your 12th grade, while some schools need you to pass an aptitude test.

There are other specialities available, as with any other discipline, including garment design, footwear design, leather design, and textile design. As a fashion designer, you may work as a fashion show organiser in boutiques, import-export businesses, textile mills, and apparel shops. There is a wide choice of careers from a designer, fashion stylist, pattern maker, fashion assistant, fashion coordinator, quality controller, or design manager, and you have a variety of options.

Fees vary depending on the topic matter. A basic B.Des in fashion design costs 150,000 INR to 400,000 INR per year.

These are some methods to increase one’s fashion knowledge and talents before enrolling in a full-fledged course.

  1. Follow those on social media who work in the fashion business, such as designers or stylists. You may also look at reputable institutions and universities.
  2. Go to a fashion museum. It will provide you with a new viewpoint and assist you in imagining new ideas.
  3. Look for designers in your region, offer them your skills, and ask if you may volunteer; this will teach you a lot about what today’s clients desire in the future.
  4. Request input from friends and family to determine if you are producing something authentic and unique since authenticity is essential in any creative area.
  5. Watch at least one instructional video on YouTube; sites such as Fashion Student Hub and Ted.com are wonderful places to start if you’re not sure where to start.
  6. Participate in fashion-related Twitter conversations. This is the most cost-effective and efficient approach to obtaining insight into individuals who think differently than you do; it will provide you with a perspective to think beyond the box.
  7. Learn to draw drawings freehand. It is no secret that you must be able to draw to be a designer; if you believe you suffer in this area, focus on it since being creative will only get you so far.
  8. Visit shops in reputable showrooms and see how the garments are created and displayed; this will provide you with information.
  9. Pinterest is a website where you can obtain ideas for anything without spending a lot of money. To phrase it correctly, all you need is a passion for fashion.
  10. Contact students enrolled in fashion design programmes; they will provide you with the facts without sugarcoating, just the plain truth. Only you will know what you’re getting yourself into from there.
  11. Learn how to produce fashion graphics with Adobe Illustrator. It’s crucial these days.
  12. Work at a retail shop for at least a month to learn the ins and outs of running a business. You will study customer management and will know your interests, skills, and shortcomings.

SGT University does not believe in spoon-feeding, so the curriculum for each course we provide is very research-based. Students must have design talent, and we have a recruiting cell for students trying to identify their expertise.

We also offer scholarships to deserving students because we care about the design community. Our purpose is far broader than just increasing admissions. So, everyone, please come. Designing is fun!

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The Faculty of Fashion & Design at the SGT University equips the students to enter the creative world of the fashion industry and learn the essential skills required for having a successful career in Fashion Design. The Faculty’s fashion design courses are project-based and practical oriented.

Students can design and showcase their fashion and lifestyle products in the faculty’s in-house fashion brand #Designforlife. They also learn the art of merchandising, retailing, and entrepreneurship. The Faculty of Fashion & Design is among the key contributors to achieving the QS I-Gauge Diamond ranking for SGT University.

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Sagar Sehrawat
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Fashion & Design
SGT University