With the Integration of domestic and export markets, the Indian fashion Industry needs design professional with in-depth knowledge & skills relating to design innovation and technology. There is also a domestic and international pressure on Indian designers to come up with original inputs. The present challenges for the upcoming design professionals to demonstrate their personal design philosophy, perpetuate innovation and creativity. This will enable the industry to come up to the global standards to apply the knowledge of designing in various fields.

Therefore, keeping this in mind and overall international requirement, the four years course curriculum for B.Design has been designed.


The Goal is depending upon a student’s professional aspirations, students may specialize in any of the field of design, the basic knowledge that students attain in this course is how to enrich their creativity and how to be able to pen it down in the form sketches and technical drawings. In addition, the course also aims at making students aware of the new technologies emerging in the field of design.


  • To prepare the graduates to be leaders in the fashion related profession.
  • To establish academic systems to facilitate real learning towards fashion profession.
  • To create an environment conductive to quality teaching-learning, interdisciplinary research and innovative development.


  • 4-year Program


  • 10+2 in any Stream (Pass with Min. 40%)


  • Export House
  • Buying House
  • Fashion Boutique
  • Fashion Retailing
  • Fashion Photography
  • CAD
  • Textile Mills
  • Fashion Modelling Industry
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Film Industry
  • Fashion Choreography etc.



  • Fashion Designer
  • Merchandiser
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Fashion Photographer
  • CAD Designer
  • Modern Artist
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Weaving Designer
  • Quality control Manger
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Fashion Choreographer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Costume Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Fashion Academician
  • Production Manager
  • Fashion Stylist etc.



The curriculum is based on both practically & theoretically but the major focus is on practical learning rather than theory.

Three Theory 288 Hours/Semester
Six Practical 864 Hours/Semester
TOTAL 1152 Hours/Semester


The Degree program is of four-year duration. And divided into Eight semesters of six months each.


For Theory examination

Semester Sessional Exams
Attendance 10 Marks
Assignments/Presentation/etc. 10 Marks
Sessional Exam 15+15=30 Marks (Need to conduct 2 sessional examinations and put the average marks)
Total 50 Marks
Semester End Exam
End Exam 50 Marks
  • For practical examination
Semester Sessional Exams
Attendance 10 Marks
Assignments/Presentation/etc. 10 Marks
Sessional Exam 30 Marks(with viva)
TOTAL 50 Marks
Semester End Exam
End Exam 50 Marks

The main purpose of the Internship is to get the experience and practical knowledge in the organization and understand the functionality of various departments. It makes a bridge between academics and industrial practices.

In the internship, students are able to learn the overall organizational functions and understand the way of working by the designers on buyer’s design choice and process after receiving the design. Then the role of the merchandiser, he is the Bridget between the industry and the buyer.  Also look after every job like buying the raw material which is required to finish the product, making the garment, finishing the garment, documentation, finally shipping. In this process they played a role as a coordinator with the entire departments like stores, cutting, production, packaging, checking etc. Moreover, Students learned how to builds a good relationship between exporter & buyer. They have also aware of different types of machines used in export houses.

Also, able to learn many more things like how to be punctual, handling work individually, dealing with different departments & buyers etc.


Through Market survey the student could understand the trend, forecasting etc. Every day the market demands vary and the products expectations totally depends upon the consumers. These level of demands need to understand by every manufactures for their branding and for the target market. So we are putting this subject for the students to do the market survey and understand the market and the consumers demands time to time.


Every semester the term projects allotted to individual students to practically learn the technicality. This project allotted under the mentorship of the faculty members. Here the self-confident and manufacturing process improvement for the students. This project may be theme based, market-based, or any demand based, even innovative basis.

Admissions Open 2019-20