Scientific Paper Publication [04]

Scientific Paper Publication
S.No. Scientific Paper Publication
1. Nair, M. K. Challenges of Sports Shoe Brand Preference (Syndrome) in Delhi- National Capital Region of India. International Journal of Textile and Fashion Technology. ISSN 2250-2378; VOL. 9, ISSUE 6, 2019. PP 1-8
2. Nair, M. K. Visual and Tactile Design Attributes of Branded Sports Shoes, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control System, VOLUME 11, 07-2019. ISSN 1943-023X PP 492-499.
3. Nair, M. K. Management of Design Education is Basic Human Needs For Today & Tomorrow. IOSR JOURNAL, ISSN NO:2319-7668. . . . . . . VOL.16 ISSUE-1, PP.8-9. 2014
4. Nair, M. K. Emerging Fashion Trends For Autumn Winter Season, IOSR JOURNAL, ISSN NO: 2319 – 7668. VOL.16, ISSUE – 2, PP. 46-47.2014


Book Chapter Published [02]

Book Chapter Published
S.No. Book Chapter Published
1. Nair, M. K. Value of Customer satisfaction, case book of Fashion, Retail and Management, Pragun Publication, ISBN: 978-93-80397-900. Pp. 128-147.
2. Nair, M. K. Social Media Strategy as a Effective Tool For Better Business Towards Customer Centric. Book of Digital Media: Fact Fiction & Fake, Published by Shivana Prakashan, ISBN: 978-93-81520-72-7.
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