Fashion itself Creates Creative Opportunities

"The present scenario has changed the way people live. With latest scientific research and technological advancements, drastic changes have come about in the lifestyle that people are craving for a very comfortable life. Fashion is also playing a very important role in giving a boost to their desires. High standard of living and comfort to families are being availed only by the rich and upper class people. This makes the others yearn for a bright future.

In the last fifteen years a lot of changes have taken place that people are focusing more on the style of their clothes, food, standard of living, secure job and clean environment. Everybody is conscious enough to grasp them. We all want to look better by . . . . . . wearing good clothes and accessories; this simply means that all of us are linked with fashion in some way or the other.

Most educated people are unaware of the fact that fashion designing is an upcoming field by which students can get their dreams fulfilled and it offers plenty of jobs with wide career options. Some among us have a wrong notion that fashion designing courses include stitching, making short dresses or participating in fashion shows. Many people are worried that children will get too modernized and forget our ancient culture. At the same time, we also want our children to grow and move abroad for higher studies, for handsome salaries and jobs. For this, they are ready to adapt to foreign culture.

There are many job vacancies for fashion students but due to lack of talent hardly 50% of the jobs are filled. So what are you waiting for? If you have fire in your belly for creating your future through fashion, enroll yourself to the reputed SGT University in Fashion & Design to earn your fortune.

Admissions Open 2022 - 23